Denver Newborn Photography

for Ethan

If you’re like most modern parents, the thought of newborn photography makes you squirm a bit. Propping your sleeping baby up by a pillow and putting the biggest bow you can find on their head is maybe the last thing you will want to heirloom this time in your family’s life.

These photos of Ethan at two weeks old are a great example of what newborn photos don’t have to be. Especially now that I am a parent, I find myself asking my mom what I was like as an infant all the time. She’s a great story teller, but there are some things that even the best story teller can’t quite convey. These natural newborn photos remember a lot more than what everyone looked like when the baby was born. This photojournalistic approach provides some accurate honesty to the whole of the child’s babyness, because these are the moments that actually happen and actually make up a childhood. The real life moments happen every day, but somehow they are the easiest to forget once they’re gone, and they are hardest to soak in while they’re happening. The small, beautiful parts of that miraculous human who just entered your world; those are the parts worth keeping.


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