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Someday, you’ll want to sit down with your grown children and show them your shared memories. 

Sure, you have a curated collection of snapshots on your phone and a drawer full of um, cheesy school pictures. But how will you remember the innocence of your son’s toothy smile? How will you hang onto the  rapport between your daughter and her “da”? Someday, will you really be able to grasp from your memory the joy of an ordinary summer evening together?

Your memories deserve heirloom quality

Do you wonder what it is about a certain photograph that makes it so moving? What is it about that favorite picture framed over the mantle that steals everyone’s attention? Oftentimes, it is the little details that convey so much meaning. In children’s photography, it’s the grass stained knees, impossibly huge smiles from a child on piggyback, or the enormous pair of pleading blue eyes. These are the details you want documented in your family’s photography session. These are the moments that you want to preserve for years to come.

A children’s photographer for the sentimentalist.

From professional baby photography to capturing the rambunctious antics of older children, Jackie is well-seasoned in working with kids. Childhood, wondrous and fleeting, serves as her muse. Afterall, no one is capable of viewing the world in quite the same way as a child. Jackie specializes in recording your child’s priceless expressions of awe and wonder. She hangs in the background to snap candid photos of children enjoying life in that special way that only a child can.



Your memories deserve a beautifully crafted product.

Each session comes with an album. 

Jackie’s unique children’s photography preserves all the vibrancy of your family in this moment of time. She puts professional, heirloom-quality images into your hands. These are photos to last a lifetime and beyond.


Contact Jackie today to set up your session.