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Unique Family Photography

This unique children’s photography is for modern family looking for authentic and creatives images to become timeless heirlooms.

If you could order time to stop, maybe you would. Just one more moment to savor your newborn son, as his eyes open and rest on yours. To revel again in the joy of a daughter’s giddy first steps. To relish the music of your children laughing all together.

You cannot stop time, but a photograph can. A photograph powerfully memorializes these fleeting, beautiful instants. You want to hang onto the brilliant, simple youth of your children. You swear you won’t forget, but even months later, the memories dim. Nostalgia remains, but details fade. Jackie’s photographs immortalize the moments you want to remember.

Jackie takes photos of what life is really like.

Jackie’s unique children’s photography style authentically documents your family.  These images, bits of frozen time, are to cherish forever. She has photographed people for nearly a decade and specializes in creating pictures of real emotion through a natural photojournalistic approach. These images capture all those little big moments in your family’s life—grins, quirks, and tears that highlight the tiny people who grow up too fast. With each photoshoot, she is honored by the opportunity to be a guest in your family’s interactions.

Jackie’s singular process is as unique as the result. She strives to make your sessions easy and natural. There is little posing or staging, but a lot of playing, running and laughing. Even the most shy, serious child is unable to resist the fun. The rhythm of your family’s natural rapport sets the beat for the photo session, making it possible to capture each special glace or sweet hug. The result is not a stiff matchy portrait from a stripmall studio. These are heirlooms of true emotion and genuine smiles. Real love and lasting connection.

Countless frames holding the stiff family “church portrait” grace people’s homes. While each family member is present, there is none of the life and personality of its subject in the image. For those who want natural family photos that when displayed visitors will say, “Now that looks exactly how I picture your family in my mind,” then you have found the perfect photographer. Selah specializes in modern family photographs in Denver that you will be proud to make a focal point in any living space. Our unique family photographs document all the distinctive characteristics that make your family so special.

We will work with your family to ensure our photography captures the true essence of our individual subjects. These modern and original portraits can be as casual or formal as you wish. Make it a black tie event or jeans and sweaters; whatever jives the most with your family’s style. Jackie has a host of creative ideas to work with and an artistic spirit that makes the possibility of mundane imagery quite unlikely.


Do you have young children? Do the words “fun” and “family portrait” in the same sentence seem laughable?

In tandem with Jackie’s experience as a children’s photographer this photo shoot experience will be relaxed and enjoyable, not stressful and anxiety inducing. No matter how large or small your family is, it deserves the attention of professional photography that will expertly document the current stage of life.




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