Information on Children’s Photography

Where are the sessions held?
Upon booking we will connect you with a diverse list of local locations within the Denver metro area. Additional travel fee’s may apply for sessions outside of Denver. Home shoots are recommended for newborns.

How long does the session last?
We will shoot until we get what we need, however, with kids we tend to move fairly quickly. A typical session will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

When is the best time to book a session?
It’s important to book several weeks in advance during the summer months and often up to two months in advance during the holiday season and fall season. Aside from that, we recommend thinking about your location and its seasons’ prime. Do you love the fall trees? Think October. Interested in a home shoot? That can be a fit anytime of the year. We recommend contracting your newborn session prior to your delivery. Once the baby comes it can be easy to lose ambition for scheduling your session and the time goes by so quickly.

Are the digital files included in the session fee?
Approximately 40-60 digital files are included in the documentary digital file session with rights to reproduce the photos at your leisure.

How do you get a one year old to sit still?

We do a lot of playing. The goal is to remember your children as they are. If your one year old doesn’t sit still very often, I wouldn’t try to make him. Interactive children’s photography involves a good deal of running, tickling, chasing and quickly photographing all at the same time. Your child having fun is a big part of the session.


What if my kid screams through the whole shoot?
We all have bad days. I have a lot of tricks to get kids to cheer up, but if the rain cloud keeps hovering we will we reschedule for a better day.

What is the photo book?

We believe that getting your photos printed is so important, we do the legwork for you. Each session includes a photo book featuring your favorite images.

How long until we can see our images?

We return them as quickly as possible. Depending on the season, that will be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.