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Newborn Photographers

First day of school. First Christmas. First taste of cake at a birthday celebration. There are countless “firsts” that would make excellent documentaries, but at perhaps the top of this list should be bringing your baby home for the first time. Excitement mingles with exhaustive bliss as you cross the threshold of your home with that sweet bundle in your arms.

Infant photography takes a special touch, and with Jackie’s experience as a mom of three and a  newborn photographers for over ten years she approaches the session with much knowledge.

She captures those peaceful moments that are filled with awe at new life along with those effervescent moments overflowing with new sounds and discoveries as your baby takes in the vast world around them. These professional pictures are perfect for framing and home display or filling an artistic album of newborn portraits. Jackie effortlessly combines creativity with authenticity for perfect natural photography.

Everyone loves seeing the first “official” baby pictures, but they are often full of overused backdrops and repetitive poses. Jackie brings a breath of fresh air, encouraging you to take newborn photos in your home to even more-so be able to remember what life was like.  They are sure to capture the parents’ loving nature along with the budding personality behind that cute, round baby face to make well-rounded and stylized images that fit the unique personality of each family.


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 These are the moments you want to remember for the rest of your life. The experience of welcoming a child into the world is indescribable. Anxious nerves mix with unrivaled happiness as you embark on an unparalleled journey. The first incredible months of being new parents are unrivaled. While these instances are imprinted in your mind for all eternity, you want them cataloged in vibrant color for the enjoyment of others as well as your own histories. Only the best baby photographer can help you accomplish this in a creative and genuine manner. You are tired of the old fashioned “baby in the flower pot” images and are looking for something that speaks to your creativity and personality. Jackie brings fresh life to Denver baby photography.
Jackie does home photo shoots for babies that allow you and your family to remain in your natural setting. The familiarity of home allows newborns to open their growing personalities to the camera. A top Denver baby photographer, Jackie is experienced with capturing those hidden golden moments. Joyous giggles, awestruck expressions, and your baby’s new discoveries make the ideal personal, unique family photographs. These artistic images aren’t your typical bland posed snapshots, but animated portraits highlighting your expanding family circle.



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