What to wear for Family photoshoot

The most important thing I can recommend to families, especially those with young children is to not get stressed out. I know that seems like an impossible task but there is no outfit or perfect hair cut that will look great if the getting ready process is overly stressful. Your family will sense your stress and the photoshoot could go from an enjoyable experience to a “let’s get this done to make mom happy,” moment.

Our first priority during the photoshoot is to document happiness. We want to get natural family photos of you all that help you remember what life was like during this time. It’s most important that your family shows the joy and love that you want to remember and there is no right piece of clothing you can wear to make that happen. Don’t get me wrong, clothing is important, but it will not make or break your photoshoot.  I’ve got some tips below as to help guide you but remember, your clothing selection will not make or break the photo shoot.

 1. Don’t let yourself stress about the clothing. As long as that can happen, try to follow my advising below.

 2. Make sure everyone’s clothing fits.

 3. Don’t match. I do not recommend everyone in the family wears the same plaid shirt or same color. Your family is full of a bunch of unique individuals. Let the clothing highlight that.

 4. Do coordinate. It can often be beneficial to take one shirt (maybe that plaid one) and pull out colors for everyone to wear that are in that shirt.

5. Color. If you are going with a more neutral pallet, let’s use grey for example. Think about using some accessories that add a bit of color. A yellow scarf, patterned leggings or a more colorful collared shirt underneath of a neutral sweater.

6. Look in your closet before you look at a store. What colors do your family normally wear? Does your daughter have a favorite outfit? Use this photoshoot as an opportunity to tell your families story. Think more along the lines of, “John wears those little overhauls all the time,” not, “I found that trendy set of overhauls for 50% off at Macy’s.”

7. Look in your favorite magazine. Check out the way that JCrew coordinates their families. Take note from the professional stylists and see the way they coordinate colors, solids and patterns.

8. Be Comfortable. If you don’t wear a business suit on an everyday basis, don’t wear a business suit for your family photos. If your daughter never wears dresses and bows, she likely look back at the photo and ask why you dressed her like.  Be comfortable. We want the images to look like you.

9. Make-up. Don’t overdo your makeup but know that light eyeliner, blush foundation and lip gloss usually photographs well. Make sure that your foundation matches your skin and don’t over apply anything. Don’t make your husband or kids wear make-up but do suggest they wash their faces to take away any shine and apply some light chapstick. Chapstick for everyone or a light gloss for girls is a great accent.

10. I can help. If you still aren’t sure what to do with the clothing, bring a few options to the shoot. I can help choose some options.


HOME SHOOTS for newborns

We will have three looks with your baby.

  1. Naked or in a diaper
  2. A simple onesie
  3. An outfit

The most important tip I have in regards to clothing is that everything fits well. This style of photography will help you remember what life was like – avoiding outfits she wouldn’t naturally wear and trendy Pinterest ideas will contribute to the sentimentality of the images.

Have any special books, blankets, bows or hats ready. We will go to several places around your home looking for the best light and background. Please don’t feel like you need to do a deep clean in your home. I’ve had two children of my own and I get it. We will stop for any necessary diapers changes or feedings – we do not want the baby sleeping the whole session and will hope for a combination of awake and sleeping. The process will be gentle and easy.